A Full-Service Permanent and Temporary Staffing Agency

Coastal Resource Staffing opened in North Charleston in July 2016

North Charleston-based Coastal Resource Staffing company opened the doors to its pilot North Charleston location in July 2016, with plans to match residents with available jobs in Charleston County and surrounding areas. Coastal Resource Staffing is a full-service staffing agency focused on creating successful partnerships with local companies by understanding each client' s unique needs and striving for excellence with every placement. Kimberly Whelpley has spent 15 years in the staffing industry, primarily in business development and operations before starting Coastal Resource Staffing. She brought this expertise into her staffing business, and is now committed to providing companies with their single most important asset - their people.

Coastal Resource Staffing was established in 2016 and is a sister company of North Charleston based Coastal Safety Products which is owned by Zeke Godfrey. Godfrey is an active partner with Whelpley in the Coastal Resource Staffing venture. The agency currently has a labor force of 550 employees. Now, as both companies celebrate their new business partnership, it also celebrates 250+ clients across South Carolina from Little River, SC to Savannah, GA west of the 1- 9 5 corridor. Whelpley said the agency has temporary positions and long-term assignments available throughout South Carolina and currently conducts business primarily in the commercial and residential construction industry, hospitality and housekeeping arenas as well.

"We find jobs for individuals including temporary assignments, seasonal positions, and evaluation-to-hire opportunities that could lead to a full-time, permanent placement," Whelpley said. "But it is not as simple as it sounds, as we provide quality service and pay special attention to what makes each business unique. We strive to help employers grow their businesses while helping employees develop their careers. Coastal Resource Staffing serves as a bridge to finding the right fit for both clients and employees. Our job is to be a part of the journey, lending a hand with a spirit of excellence." Whelpley said.

South Carolina has recently reported historically low unemployment rates. This is great news for our economy but can prove challenging for employers. So, while Charleston County is home to other staffing agencies, Whelpley said she's confident Coastal Resource Staffing personalized approach to recruiting and placement will be a tremendous asset to local businesses facing unprecedented obstacles due to the declining number of individuals seeking employment.

The new Coastal Resource Staffing branch is open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

"As a seasoned business owner, I understand the need for a strong workforce of dedicated employees," Godfrey said. "Fortunately, Coastal Resource Staffing is always recruiting and Coastal Safety Products is always hiring, and has been a loyal client of Kimberly Whelpley's because of her unprecedented customer service. Now together, we certainly can help our clients build their own all-star team, while experiencing exceptional client service."

About Coastal Resource Staffing

Coastal Resource Staffing, founded in North Charleston in 2016, is a staffing agency that offers local companies an unparalleled level of customer service and customization. Founder Kimberly Whelpley has spent 15 years in the staffing industry primarily in business development and operations before starting Coastal Resource Staffing. She brought this expertise into her staffing business, while also committing to provide companies with their most important asset

- their people.